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Hello, and welcome to my new page! My name is Eric. I am a certified American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) instructor. I've been teaching CPR since 2008. My professional background is as a military medic. I have a wide range of medical experience ranging from clinical, emergency medicine, hyperbaric medicine, and aerospace medicine. I have taught well over five hundred CPR classes in the past. Both Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers and Heartsaver CPR & AED classes to non-medical professionals or "lay-person". I've recently become certified to also teach Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. I have a passion for teaching life saving skills! I believe that comes from having worked in the Emergency Department and EMS in the past.

I'm a Chicago South Suburb native and have moved around a lot with the military. I've been stationed on both east and west coasts and overseas. I'm currently living and working in Las Vegas. Particularly I belong to the NW Las Vegas Community and this is where I'd like to start my work. Both volunteer work and offering my services to professionals and non, who may require training.

Since arriving in the Las Vegas area, I've become an affiliated instructor and Training Center Faculty with Complete Medical Consultants, out of Henderson, Nevada. I've enjoyed teaching from time to time at their center. More recently, I've been interested in teaching within my own community locally here in NW Las Vegas. With the help of some very special folks who made generous donations, to help me purchase the training equipment and materials to start off my project, I am now up and running!

I hope that my mobile services will be helpful to those in my community who require or have a desire to learn. I firmly believe everyone should be trained in CPR. Since entering the medical field a number of years ago, and since my very first CPR class, there have been MANY changes. Changes in the way we perform life saving techniques. I have a passion for teaching and enjoy the feedback I get from everyday folks who may have not had training in the past. One shared with me their personal story of helping their newborn who was choking, another about his resuscitation efforts performed on his mother. It means a lot to me to know that I gave someone the tools, knowledge and confidence to perform proper procedures in a life threatening/emergency situation.

Teaching is a side gig for me. But I hope to network, reach out to both professionals and non-profit organizations within my community and teach. I'll use this page to share experiences, information on the services I offer, and general information regarding CPR and health and wellness. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!

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