Why do I need CPR Certification?

I'm sure you've heard of CPR training courses. Do you know the importance of getting CPR certified? An estimated 3-5% of the entire population in the U.S. is trained with a professional CPR technique. Professional CPR training helps individuals apply correct, up to date CPR skills in response to a cardiac arrest victim or other emergency situation. CPR saves lives, for which getting certified in CPR is highly recommended for EVERY individual. Are you still thinking, why why should I take the time to attend a CPR training/certification course? Please read the following reasons that specify the importance of spending a few hours every two years to learn and get certified in the most up to date CPR skills.


By getting trained in professional CPR skills, you will be able to deliver the correct type of life saving technique required to possibly save a victims life. At a minimum, you will increase the victim's chance of survival. The greatest benefit of getting CPR certified is knowing you have the ability to respond and act in the case of a cardiac arrest or other emergency. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), a sudden cardiac arrest is considered to be the leading cause of death in adults. An individual's ability to deliver high quality CPR to a victim can make the difference between life and death!


Whether it is at your workplace, school, home or on the street, you may never know when someone may require CPR. By being properly trained and certified, you can be prepared to assist in an emergency situation. With high quality CPR you will be capable of delivering prompt life saving assistance.


Being certified in CPR will give you the benefit of boosting your career prospects. There are many jobs the require their applicants to be CPR certified i.e. healthcare, construction, education, etc. Today, teens and young adults are seeking CPR training to be prepared for summer jobs i.e. lifeguard, camp counselor, babysitting etc.


Being certified and trained in CPR will boost your confidence level. When with your family or friends, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are safe. With CPR training, you will have the ability to save a life and become a responsible parent. A formal CPR training course will give you the power to act and help someone who is in an emergency situation.

You can schedule and receive CPR training and certification from Mobile Medic CPR Training. We offer AHA Heartsaver CPR & AED course as well as Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers. We aim to provide the BEST hands-on training in a low-stress educational environment. We are mobile so we can come to you to offer one on one training or small group training. We also have regularly scheduled classes at our office in NW Las Vegas.

Please check out our website and class schedule.


To receive more information about what Mobile Medic CPR Training offers or to reserve your seat in an upcoming class, email us at mobilemediccprtraining@gmail.com .

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