HOT Vegas Summer

When I get super busy, keeping up with the blog takes a back seat to family, work and travels.

It's been a HOT summer here in Las Vegas, triple digits for quite some time now, and no end in near sight. Here are some tips for keeping cool and staying healthy during the very hot months of Vegas summer:

1.) HYDRATE! Don't wait until you're thirsty to drink water.

2.) Avoid alcohol when in extreme heat.

3.) Limit caffeinated drinks.

4.) If you are urinating often throughout the day and your urine is a lighter color, you are probably keeping well hydrated. If you are not urinating, and your urine is a darker color, you need to hydrate MORE!

5.) If you feel as though you are overheating, you should find a cool (air conditioned) place to rest, hydrate. You may also run cold water on your wrists for 30 seconds each. You can also place a cool wash cloth or towel on the back of your neck.

6.) Limit outdoor physical activity. If you normally take a mile walk or run, you may want to limit it to a quarter or half mile, or accomplish in early mornings when the sunlight is less, temps a little less.

7.) Always wear alert bracelets, identification if you have a medical condition so that first responders and emergency personnel can quickly identify you and your condition as well as relay info. and treat immediately.

8.) When you need to be outdoors, wear loose, cotton clothing. Synthetic materials tend to not breath as easily and trap heat.

9.) If you have vinyl or leather seats in your vehicle, place a blanket over them when you are not using. The fabric will absorb the heat and keep the material from scalding your skin when you need to sit and drive.

10.) If you have elderly loved ones or neighbors, check on them more often this summer.

This is just a short list of things to keep in mind. We are halfway through summer 2018. Continue to enjoy, and keep healthy!

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