NHP Saves Life Performing CPR

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), 200,000 lives could be saved each year if CPR were performed in time.

The following is a real-life story and reminder that CPR does save lives and why you need to get CPR certified in case there is ever someone in need around you.

On March 24th 2019, Nevada Highway Patrol dispatch received a call regarding a crash on County Highway 215 eastbound, near the Airport Connector. A pick-up truck had crashed into the median and the driver, a man, was reportedly suffering from a heart attack.

A trooper arrived on scene and found bystanders assessing the patient. The male driver was not conscious and appeared to be having agonal gasps. The trooper immediately took control of the scene and began performing high-quality CPR.

Clark County Fire and Rescue eventually also arrived on scene, and transported the victim to Sunrise Trauma. According to a public statement made by NHP, "After a follow-up investigation a few days later, it was discovered the driver survived the episode. He was released from the hospital three days later."

This life saved is directly contributed to the trooper who took control of the emergent situation and performed CPR. The trooper had been with Nevada Highway Patrol for five years and has been awarded with three Life Saving Medals. Two of those medals were awarded for his actions when he had to apply a tourniquet to "control bleeding to victims who were seriously injured in crashes." The third medal was awarded for his response during the October 1st shooting.

Be CPR Ready When Cardiac Arrest Occurs

The above is a real-life example of how CPR saves lives. You never know when someone around you might drown, choke, or go into cardiac arrest, and it is important to be ready and educated–just in case it does happen.

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