February is Heart Month

In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson was among the millions of Americans who had suffered a heart attack. Since then, February has been dedicated to educating communities on how to take care of your ticker. Let it be known that heart disease is one of the most widespread health challenges in the United States, in fact, cardiovascular disease accounts for more than 800,000 deaths in the US and is the leading cause of death worldwide. Despite the countless challenges, there are some hopeful signs of real change we can make to reduce our risk, and our loved ones’ risk, of sucumbing to cardiovascular disease. Change can include the introduction of physical activity, a healthier diet, and reducing or eliminating the use of tobacco. This year, the Mobile Medic CPR Team is devoted to heart heath awareness and is taking steps alongside its community to improve our lifestyles one step at a time. This month, we will be looking forward to seeing and hearing your efforts. For your day-to-day changes, follow these fun hashtags for some much-needed inspiration.

#selfcaresunday – Setting yourself up for a successful week starts with your Sunday self-care checklist. Don’t forget to take the time for yourself.

#mindfulmonday – Know your stats! Your heart beats per minute (BPM) or blood pressure can help you have a better insight to your own personal health.

#tastytuesday – Have fun cooking a new heart healthy recipe!

#wellnesswednesday – create a wellness routine that fits your lifestyle.

#treatyourselfthursday – Sometimes we need some relaxation time, pour yourself a bubbly bath and put on your favorite TV show.

#followfriday – Follow those that inspire and ignite your desire to live a healthier lifestyle.

#selfiesaturday – Posting a selfie (or two) of you taking care of your heart.

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